Streamline visitor management and payroll system, automate and track patient progress, improve asset management and enhance tracking to weed out pilferage, theft and improve visibility, operational efficiency and profits.


Use single card solution for staff and students availing library book, meals, door access and student identity and more. Track vehicle, assets, equipments, students and improve security.
Easing the use of multiple facilities in campus and increasing accountability.


Protect inventory and assets, track shipments and increase visibility on material movement. Integrated solution will provide better operational efficiency and aid in lowering costs.


Utilise best in class integrated solutions in ID personalization, customized card printing tools, instant issuance and centralised printing across a multi-location office scenario. Empower your organisation with unique customized solutions and tools aimed at customer retention, connect and repeat business


Choose from wide range of premium brands offering solution for Access control & payroll, premium digital door locks. Improve customer experience and loyalty through range of customised ID personalization and solution aimed at customer connect program, retention and repeat business. Secure asset and inventory accurately and loss through pilferage and theft through a integrated solution.


Get access to real-time data and track stock and vehicle within and outside through specialised solutions.  Find the benefit of various security and tracking solution offered by us.


Privacy versus security requirements need not have a single solution. Use the sleek and aesthetically appealing digital door locks eliminating use of manual lock and key. Get the best payroll and attendance system backed by finest tracking tools to safe guard goods at the manufacturing plant and on the shopfloor.